Payback to thank – seed to NAADAM

Dr.Devaiah never forgot his humble roots and the helping hands that pushed him far and wide in his life. Upon gaining a stable base for himself, he took up the cause of helping several underprivileged, backward members of the Indian Society. He worked relentlessly to support, and encourage worthy youngsters from socially and economically backward community in rural India. NAADAM is the shape to his desire to pay back to the society. NAADAM stands for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT OF DALITS, ADIVASIS and MINORITIES – a nonprofit, non-government voluntary organization.

Started in 1979, Dr.Devaiah’s philanthropic endeavor spreads across:


Supports weaker section students pursue higher education at premier institutes like IIT, NIT, IIIT and government medical colleges. Several hundred students benefited through this program and many more are in the process to move to better positions in life.


Touched by the needs of poor Warangal population for healthcare and quality life, Dr.Devaiah opened multiple Primary Clinics that provide FREE consultations, specialist tele-medicine service, lab tests and medicines. In addition, clinics on wheels is launched to reach those who cannot travel all the way to the clinics. This service touched several lives and garnered appreciation and blessings of many citizens.


Dr.Devaiah always believed in a society that respects and empowers its women. He practiced it at home starting with empowerment of his wife and daughter. He now brought it to the women of Warangal through various skill development and vocational training programs.

He also understood the challenges of women in villages and vocally encouraged and supported public toilets for females across many villages.


Youth of India have a great challenge in finding a suitable job. Not that the country has job shortage but there is a shortage of skill, communication ability and mind set towards dignity of labor. Recognizing these aspects, Dr.Devaiah launched Skill Development Centers to train educated youth to empower themselves with employability skills. Many students who took FREE training in these centers are now placed in jobs and earning for their living.

When questioned about his long successful journey, Dr.Devaiah humbly places his credit with his parents, the headmaster who supported him early on and his wife Dr.Rudrama who stood by him through the lows and highs.

His advice to the next generation is “Empower self and uplift the needy for a meaningful life”