Celebrating “NAADAM ANNUAL DAY” every year brings life and cheer to the Organization itself. It also brings all the Naadam scholars to one platform where they could encounter one another, fraternally, and share their experiences of successe and lapses. Our primary purpose in gathering them all every year is to inculcate in them a spirit of oneness and promote a sense of belongingness to the family of Naadam. The occasion becomes blissful, and momentous. Thus Naadam ensures their wellbeing at every step. 13 th and 14 th August 2017 were declared as the 5 th consecutive Naadam Annual Day this year.

The administration had invited all its 122 scholars to attend the celebrations at Warangal as the venue this year was chosen to be the campus of Patoral Centre, Fatimanagar.

Naadam will continue its practice of holding Annual Day celebrations every year involving its scholars, well-wishers, and the media. Naadam is planning to widen its services to the downtrodden and the poor masses of rural sectors with its 5Es policy.

Naadam has an agenda of various services that are to be rendered in the near future. One such major scheme is providing sound health on wheels to the rural public who can’t reach the towns or cities; apart from donating lands to schools, construction of toilets, fixing generators in rural schools, distributing plates and glasses to the hostel students, arranging tuitions to weak students, admitting rural students in residential schools and colleges, and so on.

Naadam offers its sincere thanks to one and all that cooperate in the effort of providing services to humanity selflessly.